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About Us

Inspired by the family heritage of 9 MUSES STUDIOS IN PAROS and the uncountable joyful memories thanks to our beloved guests, we conceived the idea of expanding our devotion for genuine Greek hospitality by developing a brand-new hotel named DOLCE VISTA, Paros. In 2020, we started our creative venture giving birth to our vision through hard work and passion for what we do.

After two years of devotedly working on our dream, nine carefully designed studios stand proudly on the outskirts of Parikia. Today, DOLCE VISTA is a blossoming oasis waiting to introduce you to the beauty of the Cyclades.

Our utmost purpose is to take care of our guests. Meaningful communication is fundamental to our ethos. This enables us to support each guest’s individual vacation needs, whether that means finding the most suitable restaurant for the occasion or that special spot to watch the sunset; for us, this is the meaning of luxury.

Christos & Maria

Christos and Maria are the elder members of the Voulgarelis family.

Christos is Greek and is from Athens, whilst Maria is Italian from a small town just North of Venice called Pordenone. They met in Trieste where Christos was studying Architecture and Maria was studying Philosophy. They eventually moved back to Greece in 1980 and have since lived in Athens. They had three children: Emanuel, Luigi and Giorgio.

Maria worked for many years teaching Italian language and culture to Greeks. Her great passion is painting and you will see many of her pieces in the rooms of Dolce Vista!

Christos runs an architectural office along with his eldest son, Emanuel. He has a great passion for boating, handcrafting and designing new projects.

Christos & Maria - the senior owners of Dolce Vista Paros

Christos first conceived the idea of the ‘9 Muses Studios’ in Parikia a long time ago and together with Emanuel they developed this project. The 9 Muses have now been standing proudly in Parikia for more than 10 years and are a great testament to the family’s success, love and passion for Greek hospitality. Christos cannot sit still for long, so it was only natural that a new project be conceived, thus giving way to the creation of Dolce Vista!

Young couple - some of the owners of Dolce Vista Paros

Giorgio & Alexandra

Born in Athens and the youngest son of Christos and Maria, Giorgio moved to Italy where he studied Architectural Engineering at university. He later moved to the United Kingdom where he worked in both England and Wales as an engineer, before taking a sabbatical and backpacking around Cuba. A couple of years ago, Giorgio decided to make a shift in his career and moved back to Greece to manage the development and construction of Dolce Vista Apartments along with Emanuel and Christos. 

Giorgio is passionate about restoring and customizing old motorbikes, spearfishing in the sea off the coast of Paros, handcrafting and is a former athlete in Greco-Roman wrestling.

You will find him managing Dolce Vista Apartments along with his partner, Alexandra who moved over from Wales to live the Cycladic dream.

Emanuel & Argyro'

Emanuel was born in Italy and grew up in Athens. He returned to Italy to study Civil Engineering at university. After designing and developing – 9 Muses Studios- together with his father, he has since gone on to developing new-builds and renovations of hotels and houses on the island as well as in Athens.

Emanuel has a great love for music, hi-fi reproduction and motorbikes (and is part of the Greek Moto Guzzi club). He manages the 9 Muses Studios and you will usually find him there with his wife Argyro and their 3 children (Thanos, Christos and Elizabeth) during the summer.

A couple - owners of the Dolce Vista Hotel Paros island - Emanuel and his wife
Dolce Vista Apartments owner Luigi

Luigi & Stavroula

Luigi is the middle son of Christos and Maria. He studied Economics in Italy and after working for a few years for Price Waterhouse Coopers Athens he then moved to the Zurich office of the company, in Switzerland, where he lives with his wife, Stavroula and their daughter Maria Oliva. You guessed it, much like the other members of the Voulgarelis family Luigi is extremely passionate about motorbikes and fast cars! You will eventually find Luigi, Stavroula and Maria between 9 Muses and Dolce Vista during their summer holidays where they get together with the rest of the family.